Imagine having an app on your phone that could accurately predict what cannabis products are best for you, based on science, and not opinion.

Imagine a company that would create targeted cannabis products for specific ailments, with little side effects. 

Imagine no more. 

Purchasing cannabis in a dispensary can be tough. A lack of standards and science, combined with an overabundance of opinions, make for a very confusing experience for most consumers. Even with the end of prohibition in many states, the way we purchase cannabis is antiquated and flawed.

You deserve a better experience, and the only way to do that is with data. habu health intends to match scientifically recorded human feedback with high fidelity plant data, so we can provide consumers with a personalized recommendation tool. 

Using scientific rigor, we aim to be the first company to accurately provide personalized recommendations for cannabis products. The data will also provide powerful insights for targeted product development, sales, and consumer preferences, which will transform the cannabis industry.