Dr. Poe is a neuroscientist who has been granted millions of dollars for her research into how cannabis can reduce the use of opioids. She is a global leader with over 10 years of fundamental research in cannabis, chronic pain, and opioid reduction. She has conducted her award-winning research at Washington State University, the University of Sydney in Australia, and Columbia University. Dr. Poe is currently a faculty member at the prestigious Washington University Medical School in St. Louis.

Dr. Poe brings a truly unique set of expertise that is already benefitting the cannabis industry. Her knowledge of drug pharmacology, clinical trials, pain biology, and the brain’s mechanisms of addiction are very important to the advancement of cannabis science. She is also actively engaged with lawmakers to reform medicinal cannabis legislature.   

chris poe - CEO

From music, to pharmaceuticals, finance, and tech, poe brings 20 years of experience in the marketing industry, with a specialty in business development, strategy, UX, and leadership. Having lived in Portland, LA, Sydney, San Francisco, and New York City, he has worked with Sony, GlaxoSmithKline, Red Bull, Westfield, Pepsi, and Microsoft. poe has a proven business acumen and keen instincts for consumer targeting, lead generation, and strategic brand partnerships.