Smart Cannabis - A series of talks about truth
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Smart Cannabis - A series of talks about truth


Due to demand, we are actively searching for a new venue.

Feastly could only hold 40 people, and those tickets have gone faster than anticipated.

Thank you SO much for your interest in this series. We certainly didn't anticipate the response, but we are working hard to find a venue that can host more people so nobody misses this!


Let's talk about cannabis. Smart Cannabis.

This is the first in a new series of talks aimed at both budtenders, and consumers.

As a Budtender - we will share the proper info you should be sharing with your customers

As a Consumer - we will talk about the myths and stigmas surrounding cannabis.

First up:

RETAIL PHARMACOLOGY - what does this mean?

We get it: Consumers need a lot of guidance on the right kind of products for their needs… and as a Budtender, it’s not easy to be confident in your recommendations.

Cannabis is very complex!

At habu, we are systematically characterizing how cannabis products produce their effects in humans (a branch of science called pharmacology).

Ultimately, this will enable us to predict exactly which plant products are right for which people.

Taking an evidence-based approach to product recommendations can instill confidence in your process, and enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

With your help... These are achievable goals.

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