It's time to change the way you purchase cannabis

Imagine walking into the grocery story to buy bread… and all of the bread was labeled “BREAD” with just 2 ingredients on the label. They all look like bread, but each one is different. Different smells, shapes, tastes, and can be used for different purposes. Which one would you buy?

This sounds like a nightmare for consumers, and yet this is exactly the current experience cannabis users have.

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chris poe
What if CBD could save your child's life?

A few months ago, I met with a pediatric neurologist in his 4th floor laboratory/office on the Medical School campus of Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. I had been curious about my employer’s stance on cannabinoid medicine, and it was in this tidy, dimly lit office that I became intimately familiar with the ongoing clinical trial for Epidiolex.

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Adie PoeCBD
Dear Trump Administration: If cannabis laws tighten, the opioid crisis will only get worse.

This statement obviously reflects the outdated and unsubstantiated "gateway" theory (that cannabis use “opens the door” to using more harmful illegal drugs). It also flies in the face of a wealth of scientific studies that show the complete opposite of what he is suggesting.

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