It's time to change the way you purchase cannabis

Imagine walking into the grocery story to buy bread… and all of the bread was labeled “BREAD” with just 2 ingredients on the label. They all look like bread, but each one is different. Different smells, shapes, tastes, and can be used for different purposes. Which one would you buy?

This sounds like a nightmare for consumers, and yet this is exactly the current experience cannabis users have.

The way we purchase cannabis products today is fundamentally flawed and antiquated.

Prohibition has caused the cannabis purchasing experience to remain relatively unchanged for generations. Cannabis has hundreds of active ingredients, yet even in a progressive state like Oregon, we are only required to test for 2 of them. TWO. We wouldn’t stand for this if it was bread… so why are we ok with minimal testing (and the lack of transparency of testing results) for a product being used medicinally?

This is not how a modern cannabis purchasing experience should be.

What’s in it? How is it going to make me feel? Will this solve my problems, or only create new ones? One time I bought the same strain and it had different effects on me… WHY?

What is the best cannabis product for me?

At habu health, these are the questions we aim to answer. With our technology, we are building a personalized cannabis recommendation engine, so you can approach every purchase with confidence. Whether you are using cannabis for medicine, recreation, or both, this easy to use tool can help you accomplish your goals. Simply by using our app ( you can take the first step in finding out what cannabis products are best for you.


There’s only one way for us to truly find out what products are best for each of us, as individuals, and that is through pharmacology. Pharmacology is the study of how drugs produce their effects in living things. Until recently, very little pharmacology has been done with cannabis, which is why there is so much trial and error in the current cannabis consumer experience.

You deserve better.

We are now taking participants into our initial data collection pilot, where you can help provide the feedback needed to understand the pharmacology of cannabis. Our app is currently web based, which means you can access it from any browser on mobile or desktop.

It’s simple: Just buy your favorite cannabis product and make sure you ask your budtender how to find the “batch number.” It’s always on the label. Then, use your product, log into the app and answer a few simple questions. That’s it. You’re done. Repeat this process for every session; and the more you use the app, the smarter it becomes. 

The time for a modern cannabis purchasing experience has come.

You deserve a personalized experience.
You deserve science over opinions.
You deserve Smart Cannabis.

chris poe - ceo -

chris poe